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Ronald Reagan on Survivable Total Thermonuclear War!

Ronald Reagan on Ambassador Hinton!

From Douglas Brinkley, ed. (2007), The Reagan Diaries (New York: Harper Collins: 9780060876005):

Thur Feb 17 1983: Jeanne Kirkpatrick reported on her trip to Central America. A grim story. Our Ambas. Hinton under the direction of the same kind of St. Dept. bureaucrats who made Castro possible are screwing up the situation in El Salvador. I'm now really mad. Bill C. is bringing George S. up to date and then I'm determined heads will roll, beginning with Ambas. Hinton...

Thu Jun 9 1983: Ambas. Hinton just relieved as Ambas. to El Salvador, stopped by. He's a good man and did a fine job under extremely difficult circumstances. I hope he can convince some of our left leaning Congressmen how wrong they are...

I have little patience for those who say that Ronald Reagan was oriented to time, place, and identity. When you fire somebody, it's not hard to remember that you were the one who fired him.

There is the deeper question: just what did George Shultz think that he was doing in letting Jeanne Kirkpatrick talk to Reagan without a handler present?