Felix Salmon Says that the New York Times Shrinks Its Economics Coverage
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Recent Delinquency Rates by Mortgage Type

Felix Salmon directs us to Aleablog, which digs out a graph from the Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy Report to Congress:

Alea: Subprime “Problems” : Contained: A picture is worth a thousand words. This one comes from the Monetary Policy Report to the Congress. Clearly the so-called subprime problem is limited to subprime-variable rate loans. All others mortgages have deliquency rates below or even well below... the rates seen in 2001/2002.

The composition of mortgages has, however, shifted: there are a lot more subprime adjustable than there used to be. Subprime-variable mortgages are now up to 9% of the outstanding mortgage stock, according to the Fed.

This is a series to watch as ARM resets kick in over the next year.