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Proposed Reading Course: Topics in Economic History

September 21, 2007: The Large-Scale Structure of Economic History

  • Gregory Clark (2005), A Farewell to Alms (Princeton)

October 3, 2007: Pre-Industrial Modes of Production

October 10, 2007: Commercial Revolutions:

October 24, 2007: Industrial Revolutions

October 31, 2007: The Spread and Consequences of Industrialization

  • Susan Wolcott and Gregory Clark (1999). "Why Nation's Fail: Managerial Decisions and Performance in Indian Cotton Textiles, 1890-1938." Journal of Economic History, June >>
  • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848), "Manifesto of the Communist Party"
  • Naomi Lamoreaux (1986), "Banks, Kinship, and Economic Development: The New England Case," Journal of Economic History 46, pp.647-667
  • Albert Fishlow (1985), "Lessons from the Past: Capital Markets During the 19th Century and the Interwar Period," International Organization 39, pp. 383-439

November 14, 2007: The World in Depression

November 28, 2007: Combined and Uneven Development

December 12, 2007: The Crisis? of Social Democracy

Zachary Markovits: