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Clive Crook Puzzles About America

It is an old question: why does America regard itself as a land of upward mobility and opportunity when it does not seem to be the case, relative to western European countries?

Clive Crook (November 29, 2007) - Opportunity and equality: [T]he most surprising evidence on economic mobility compares the United States with other countries. The findings do not give strong support to the idea that America is the land of opportunity. Movement out of the top and bottom quintiles  is lower than in many other countries, including Canada and (maybe) Britain. Yes, there is opportunity, and people do move up--but not as readily (out of the lowest quintile, anyway) as elsewhere...

20071208_delong_micro.jpg Some of what may be going on is that America is--or has been--relatively welcoming to immigrants. Immigration is all by itself an enormous upward mobility event. And that is not factored into the standard transition matrix analyses.