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Best Economics Weblogs?

SixApart emails me:

Hi, Friends.

At the beginning of August, Six Apart will be launching, a site devoted to connecting readers with the top blogs on their favorite topics. features hand-picked blogs, Top Ten Blogs lists, daily summaries of big stories and a weekly review of the blogosphere's best. Along with featuring the favorite blogs from our team of editors and writers, we want to color the site with Top Ten Blogs lists from notable personalities. That's where you come in.

As one of the leading blogs in your genre, we'd love to feature your Top Ten Favorite Blogs for one of our guest edited top ten lists...

It would, of course, be a violation of the Code of the Desert if I did not blog about this, and ask your input into my best-ten-econ-blogs list.

Here's what NetNewsWire throws up as tops in attention in the "economics" category: the ten weblogs that I, personally, pay the most attention to:

How should we use judgment to alter this list as spit out automatically by NetNewsWire? What's missing? What's erroneously included? What's out of place?