Not Harry Calahan's Vehicle of Choice...
This Doesn't Look Good at All

Am I Reading This Correctly?

That John McCain had met Sarah Palin once, and spoken to her on the phone once, before deciding to pick her as his running mate?

Could this possibly be true?

Could they be that crazy?

Jonathan Martin: How McCain picked Palin - John McCain first met Governor Sarah Palin at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington in February of 2008 and came away extraordinarily impressed.... Last Sunday, Governor Palin and John McCain had a conversation over the phone.... This past week, Governor Palin arrived with Kris Perry in Flagstaff, Arizona, on Wednesday evening.... Today, John McCain was proud to announce that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a proven reformer, will share a partnership with him to shake things up in Washington and to make government more effective for American families.

Yes, I am reading this correctly:

Is John McCain absolutely raving bonkers insane!?!?!?