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The Stupid Rays!! It Burnses Us!! It Burnses!!

Jphn Cochrane's pushback against those University of Chicago faculty who are suddenly shocked, shocked to discover that they have an Economics Department now that it looks like they might be able to poach some money out of it reminds me that I never posted this from--Dan Drezner, upon reading something truly awful: In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Mathew H. Gendle engages in one of the more useless acts of self-flagellation about globalization I've seen in quite a while...

The truly scary thing is that Mathew H. Gendle seems to genuinely believe that it would be a good thing to diminish demand for products made in developing countries, and genuinely believes that most clothes he buys are made by exploited child- or slave-labor. Yet he keeps buying them anyway because he has "a mortgage and child-care expenses." A stupid little Nietzschean wannabe who eagerly indulges in what he believes to be grave moral turpitude in order to save a few bucks.

But the stupidity rayses--they are too much for us. We--Daniel and I--and the Precious of course--must hide from the stupidity rayses that burnes. We must hide deep beneath the rootses of the mountains, and eat raw fishses...