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John McCain's Awful Judgment, Chapter CCCIII: ABC News Wakes Up!

Ya really think?!

ABC News: Fired Alaskan Official Says Palin Hasn't Been Truthful: By BRIAN ROSS, JOSEPH RHEE, and LEN TEPPER: The fired Alaskan official, whose dismissal has become the subject of a state senate committee's investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin, has told ABC News that she has not been entirely truthful on the matter. In a telephone interview Wednesday, Walt Monegan, the former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner, said he was dismissed because he refused to fire the Governor's former brother-in-law, a state trooper. "I believe I was fired because of, primarily the reason of her former brother-in-law," Monegan said. "I think that my unwillingness to take special action against her former brother-in-law was not well received."

Monegan says he believes that the Governor has not told the truth about what happened. "I think there are some questions now that, coming to light about how transparent and how honest she wants to be," Monegan said. The allegation against the Governor, which she denies, is that she wanted her former brother-in-law fired and pushed the Monegan to do it.