I Am Not Making This Up: John McCain's Bad Judgment, Part XLII
John McCain's Awful Judgment, Part LXIII

John McCain's Bad Judgment--and Ross Douthat's Too

Ross Douthat admits that McCain and his staff are incompetent:

Ross Douthat: McCain's Judgment: Does the storm over Sarah Palin call John McCain's judgment into question? You bet it does. The McCain campaign should have seen at least some of this coming, and if it didn't persuade them not to pick her in the first place, they should have been better prepared for the inevitable press frenzy. Trying to keep her daughter's pregnancy secret was folly; having GOP spokesmen claim that Palin's role as CinC of Alaska National Guard's qualifies as real foreign policy experience was a terrible idea, etc. etc...

Yet he's still going to vote for McCain.