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Sarah Palin = Spiro Agnew

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Complains of Unethical Behavior by Republican Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: She Asks Herself to Investigate Herself

I am not making this up: Republican vice presidential candidate accuses Republican governor Sarah Palin of unethical conduct: she asks herself to conduct an investigation of herself:

Palin seeks review of Monegan firing case: Tom Daniel, an Anchorage labor and employment lawyer hired by the board in the Renkes case, took a quick look at Palin's complaint Tuesday. "It appears that the Governor has filed an ethics complaint against herself.... This is very unusual because ethics complaints typically are filed against others," Daniel wrote in an e-mail responding to a Daily News query...

I am swinging around to the point of view that John McCain decided: "You want me to choose a wingnut? I'll choose a wingnut! And then you will be sorry..."

Nothing else makes any sense.