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I Am Not Making This Up: John McCain's Bad Judgment, Part XLII

Ummm... No. Simply No.

Marc Ambinder says "McCain Campaign Sees Changed Map With Palin". But then he immediately has to take it back--he says that she is going not to new places where McCain was previously weak, but rather old places to rally the conservative base:

Marc Ambinder: McCain Campaign Sees Changed Map With Palin: Gov. Sarah Palin may well draw larger crowds than Sen. John McCain ever did, and the McCain campaign plans to take advantage: they're filling a calendar that will find her deployed to places where McCain can't go, places where McCain's gone and fallen flat, and places where social conservatives need an enthusiasm boost... a conservative exurb of Milwaukee... the economically distressed suburbs of Detroit... the conservative bastion of Colorado Springs... Republican-leaning... National Association of Home Builders.... Social conservatives hope she shows up at "values voter" conferences in Washington...

I mean, why bother? The McCain campaign does not see a changed map with Palin--if it did, it would be sending her elsewhere. I know the McCain campaign wants Ambinder to say they see a changed map. But isn't there some responsibility owed to the Atlantic Monthly's readers that is going missing here?