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The Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill Has a New Grand Heresiarch!

Mr. Bipartisan Budgetship himself, Stan Collender, ullulates madly beneath the uncaring stars and unloads on Sarah Palin:

A Very Open Letter To Sarah Palin: Dear Governor Palin:

I know you were just pandering to the crowd in North Carolina yesterday when you questioned the patriotism of people who, like me, don't live in a small town, live near or in Washington, D.C., and use their brains rather than their hands to make a living.  And I know that, in the best tradition of politicians everwhere, your spokesperson has tried to clarify your remarks so they seem less offensive. But even [though] you were just pandering, I want you to know that I take great offense at your remarks and consider them to be a hate crime against me and my kind....

I am a "real" American.  I was born in the United States to parents who were born in the United States,  My grandparents were also born here.  I am an American citizen who loves his country, obeys the laws, pays his taxes, repaid his college loans, and votes in elections.  I am also someone who has spent most of his life in and around Washington trying to understand how the government works and trying to make it better.  In fact, my guess is that I have spent far more time and made a much greater effort than you have [to make the country and its government better]. I don't run a factory or plow fields for a living, but that doesn't make my job any less patriotic or me any less pro-America.  Your suggestion that is the case is idiotic and sickening.

If Washington, the cities, the suburbs and white collar workers are not part of the real America, then why are you trying so hard to get elected to work in a white collar job not just in a city, but in Washington, D.C. itself?  And why are you running with someone who has been in Washington for more than three decades?

Your remarks were a disgrace.  Your candidacy has been forever tarnished.  You owe America an apology.

Shame on the dishonest and dishonorable John McCain for choosing an unvetted vice presidential nominee.

A word to everybody. We are not going to tell Stan Collender about Nancy Pf., and her claim that everybody between the Potomac and the Rappahannock is a fake Virginian living in fake Virginia, are we?