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Rootless (or is that "ruthless"?) cosmopolite Gideon Richman calls for world peace through world law. And Matt Drudge sics the Republican base on him:

Covered in internet slime: I knew that there was something odd going on, when I woke up at 7am on Tuesday and found that over 200 e-mails had arrived in the seven hours that I had been in bed. It turned out that my article on world government had been “Drudged.”... The following from is fairly typical: “Just wanted to let you know that you’re never gonna get your New World Order. People are waking up everyday to what’s really going on.... Good luck gettin’ the guns you traitor piece of trash!!”

If you get two e-mails like that it can be faintly unsettling. If you get two hundred, however, you begin to get used to it. That said, the whole experience has given me an insight into the mindset of the gun-toting, bible-bashing, nationalistic bit of the United States. Here are my conclusions.

  1. There is an unbelievable amount of anger and hatred out there - directed at everything from the UN to big business to Barack Obama. These people can read, but they cannot think.

  2. The “End of Days” crowd is very strong. I would say that about a third of the e-mails I got referred me to the Book of Revelations - in which, apparently, it is all foretold. In an idle moment, I e-mailed one of my correspondents back and said that I have never read Revelations, since I am an athiest. Big mistake.

  3. There are a lot of people who believe not only that global warming is a hoax - but that it is actually a conspiracy. The fact that the most influential reports on climate change have been produced by an intergovernmental panel (IPCC) - sponsored by the UN - fuels this theory. The idea is that the UN is perpetuating a climate-change hoax, to provide an excuse to impose a world government on America. I’m all part of it apparently.

  4. I can see what Obama means by referring to “bitter” people clinging to guns and religion. And clinging is the word. Several people informed me that I would only remove their guns “from my cold, dead hands.”

I am disappointed, however, that Gideon continues to pull his punches. He does not endorse my call for immediate execution of the Canada Plan--the conquest of Canada by the United States in order to transform America's median voter from someone in a pickup truck and a gunrack outside of Nashville to someone who takes mass transit and likes socialized medicine in Toronto.

Perhaps now that he has been Drudged, Gideon will wake up to the urgency of the Canada Plan.