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Spending Does too Work!

Tyler Cowen is too pessimistic:

Marginal Revolution: Fiscal policy and the burden of proof: Don't let those switches distract you.  My point is simple: it is very hard to find examples of successful fiscal stimulus driving an economic recovery.  Ever.  This should be a sobering fact.

But surely we believe that if the U.S. government were to follow the Countrywide plan--to send its representatives out onto the streets to have them walk up to people and say: "Here's $500,000. You can have it if you go buy a house"--then that would drive a recovery, right? I mean it drove a recovery in 2003-2006, didn't it?

Even the Austrians believe that spending--in their case, driven by credit-expansion created by the malefactors of fractional-reserve banking--works. So why can't the government do what fractional-reserve bankers can?