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National Review Has Removed the Ball-Gag from Jerry Taylor's Mouth!

Amazon's Kindle and the Recovery of Readerly Naivete; or, Were-Bats--the Big Bug Scourge of the Skies!

Jane Austen:

Northanger Abbey: The anxiety, which in this state of their attachment must be the portion of Henry and Catherine, and of all who loved either, as to its final event, can hardly extend, I fear, to the bosom of my readers, who will see in the tell-tale compression of the pages before them, that we are all hastening together to perfect felicity...

In a normal book, an author cannot have the antagonist fall with an ensorcelled death-sword in its belly with one-third of the pages left to go and expect the reader to be surprised at what comes next. The thickness of the pages beneath one's right hand scream: "THAT'S NOT THE ANTAGONIST, SCHMUCK!!!"

Reading it on the Kindle--the sudden appearance of the were-bats has an extra punch that it cannot have in the hard copy...