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Greg Mankiw Says: (1) I Did a Bad Thing; (2) Still, I Had a Better Website than Christie Romer Does

Greg Mankiw writes:

Greg Mankiw's Blog: White House Talking Points: I compared Romer's estimate of the tax multiplier to Valerie Ramey's estimate of the government purchases multiplier.... [H]owever, that is comparing apples and oranges...

But rapidly ripostes:

Greg Mankiw's Blog: White House Talking Points: Oddly, I could not find these talking points at the CEA website. If the new CEA is going to take public positions like this, I would recommend using the official CEA website rather than Brad's blog as the means of distribution. The CEA website should also post a notice about CEA internships, as we had during my tenure as CEA chair, so students can find out how to apply. Right now, the CEA website is uninformative in the extreme...

Let me, for one, state that I am very glad that Christie Romer has been too busy since her confirmation a week ago Wednesday night to set up procedures for hiring interns. When setting up and posting procedures on the hiring of interns is the most valuable first use of a CEA chair's time, there is indeed cause for alarm: it would be a sign that the president is like George W. Bush, who would rather not have had any economic advice at all.

And let me further say that I hope that the Obama administration uses my weblog as its principal means of dissemination of information about its economic policies, if only to give me the jump on commenting--positively and negatively--on their likely effects.