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More Weirdness at the New Republic: Jeffrey Rosen on the Supreme Court Edition

On the front page of the New Republic right now is:

Jeffrey Rosen: The Case Against Sonia Sotomayor: Indictments of Obama's front-runner to replace Souter.

The last paragraph of Rosen's article begins:

Rosen: I haven't read enough of Sotomayor's opinions to have a confident sense of them, nor have I talked to enough of Sotomayor's detractors and supporters, to get a fully balanced picture of her strengths...

So even though the New Republic's writer says that he has not yet "talked to enough of Sotomayor's dectractors and supporters..." even the liberal New Republic is now opposed to Sotomayor's ascending the Supreme Court bench.

That's unprofessional.

More interesting, perhaps, is that at 10:12 PM last night--approximately an hour, I think, after the article went live--I got an email from "" giving me a link to the TNR article and suggesting that I might like to read it. The email contained no fingerprints: "" is clearly not the real email address of the sender, the routing information tells me it comes straight from the New Republic's servers, and the email contained no information either about the sender or indicating that the sender knew anything about me.

Somebody was up in the middle of the night last night, preparing their webbots to trash Judge Sotomayor. I wonder who?

UPDATE: Jeffrey Rosen did not answer a request for comment.