links for 2009-05-21
Jonathan Versen FTW!!!!

Republican National Committee Attacks Obama For Opposing Slavery

From Media Matters:

Barack Obama, September 6, 2001: A September 6, 2001 program called "Slavery and the Constitution" on WBEZ Chicago.... Obama explained that the "fundamental flaw" [in the Constitution] was [that] "Africans at the time were not considered as part of the polity that was of concern to the framers." In addition, the framers did not " as a moral problem involving persons of moral worth."

And today, the Republican National Committee:

RNC: as he prepares to deliver remarks in hall that holds the constitution, flashback obama: "constitution flawed" #RNC [Twitter, 5/21/09]

I understand that Barry Goldwater turned the Republican Party into a party that thought the most important piece of individual freedom was the right to keep Black people out of restaurants and schools, and that Richard Nixon turned the Republican Party into the party of people who just don't like Black people, but this is ridiculous.