Econ 115: Lecture 7: Empire, 1870-1914 (September 17, 2009)
Irving Kristol in His Own Words, R.I.P.

The Curse of RIchard Nixon and Barry Goldwater, Part CCCLXIII

Boy, are we all in trouble. The Curse of Nixon and Goldwater does not just afflict the Republicans.


Worse « The Edge of the American West: This chart, gratuitously stolen from Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly, suggests strongly that political discourse in the United States is going to get worse rather than better. We have the perfect storm: an African-American President and an opposition party whose concerns, language, and obsessions is driven largely by the concerns, language, and obsessions of the American South. Those ideas–racial, cultural, martial–are what is going to drive the GOP until they escape their regional status. Jimmy Carter well knows this, and it is no coincidence that the current poster child for Republican obstructionism is South Carolina. We may date the finish of the Civil War to 1865, but the conflict has never really ended.

Worse « The Edge of the American West