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Jamison Foster: MSNBC Media FAIL

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

You, yes you, Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC need to examine your consciences, and repent. I recommend sackcloth, ashes, donating all your wealth to the poor, and moving to Tierra del Fuego to take up a life of anonymous service to others.

Jamison Foster:

Why is Betsy McCaughey on MSNBC?: Yesterday, I noted that the problem with Betsy McCaughey isn't that she's a liar -- it's that the media gives her a platform to lie. Let's be clear about this: it isn't just FOX News and the New York Post that are guilty of promoting someone whose claim to fame for 15 years has been spreading falsehoods about health care reform. As I write this, McCaughey is on MSNBC, talking about health care.  Why?  What has she ever done to deserve such a platform? (And remember MSNBC's promotion of McCaughey next time someone tells you it is a "liberal" cable channel.)

UPDATE: McCaughey and MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan just had this exchange:

McCAUGHEY: You're not a very fair moderator.

RATIGAN: Well, you're not a very fair answerer, so there you go.

Right.  McCaughey isn't a very fair answerer.  in fact, she's a liar.  We've known she's a liar for 15 years.  She's famously a liar about the very topic MSNBC is hosting her to discuss.  So why is she on television?  Why is Ratigan interviewing her?

UPDATE 2: Ratigan ended the segment by telling McCaughey: "Betsy it was a pleasure, again, I thank you for spending some time with us, and I do hope you will come back." Why?  McCaughey is a proven liar.  Ratigan spent the entire interview trying to get her to answer questions and saying she wasn't doing so and saying she wasn't being "fair" in her responses; McCaughey spent the interview attacking Ratigan and basically behaving like Betsy McCaughey.  And Dylan Ratigan wants to put her on television again.

This is why public discourse in America is broken.