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Why Was the Industrial Revolution Midlandish?

UPDATE: The hamsters were overstressed and died.

Leigh Shaw Taylor writes:

Dear Brad,

Thanks for publicising Bob Allen's Tawney lecture. This was so succesful that we had to take it down briefly (there 10,000 downloads in half a day and it was a problem for the hoster). We have now resolved that issue and it is back online. I see your website indicate it is still offline:

Would it be possible to update this again? Thanks.

To which the only response I can give is that the embed appears to be failing for reasons I do not understand, but the clickthrough to: appears to be working...

Leigh Shaw-Taylor writes:

A podcast of Professor R.C. Allen's, 2009 Tawney lecture, Why was the Industrial Revolution British?, given at the Economic History Society annual conference, is now available on the EHS website at