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Stupidest Thinktank Alive: The American Enterprise Institute

Utterly remarkable. It is hopeless to appeal for some quality control, but I do so anyway:

Charles Murray:

The Word Made Flesh « The Enterprise Blog: I’ve been marooned in Paris the last three days, waiting for a plane home after the snowstorm mess (“Poor Charles,” you’re all saying). Last night, having been struck by how polyglot Paris has become, I collected data as I walked along, counting people who looked like native French (which probably added in a few Brits and other Europeans) versus everyone else. I can’t vouch for the representativeness of the sample, but at about eight o’clock last night in the St. Denis area of Paris, it worked out to about 50-50, with the non-native French half consisting, in order of proportion, of African blacks, Middle-Eastern types, and East Asians. And on December 22, I don’t think a lot of them were tourists.

Mark Steyn and Christopher Caldwell have already explained this to the rest of the world—Europe as we have known it is about to disappear—but it was still a shock to see how rapid the change has been in just the last half-dozen years...

In addition to the fact that Charles Murray simply cannot add, there are things like this:

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Alexandre Dumas, père: 1802 - 1870