links for 2010-01-15
Administrivia: Econ 210a, Spring 2010

Syllabus: Econ 210a, Spring 2010

Jan 20: Introduction: Why Are We Here?

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Jan 27: One Economics or Many?

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Feb 3: The Malthusian Economy

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Feb 10: Industrious Revolutions

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Feb 17: Industrial Revolutions

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Feb 24: Globalizations

Mar 3: Divergences

Mar 10: WWI and the Great Depression

Mar 17: WWII and the Thirty Glorious Years

Mar 19: Paper prospectus due, 5 PM

Mar 31: The Forward March of Social Democracy Halted?

Apr 7: China Stands Up

Apr 14: Lombard Street, 1825-1914

April 21: Macroeconomics to 2007

Apr 28: The Panic of 2007-2010

May 5: Reflections

May 12: Paper due, 5 PM

Economics Learning Goals: CT2: Apply economic analysis to evaluate specific policy proposals. CT3: Compare two or more arguments that have different conclusions to a specific issue or problem. CT4: Understand the role of assumptions in arguments. QT1: Understand how to use empirical evidence to evaluate an economic argument. PS1: Solve problems that have clear solutions. PS2: Propose solutions for problems that do not have clear answers, and indicate under what conditions they may be viable solutions. CS1: Communicate effectively in written, spoken, and graphical form about specific economic issues. CS2: Formulate a well-organized written argument that states assumptions and hypotheses, which are supported by evidence. LL3: Understand and evaluate current economic events and new economic ideas.