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About Frank Foer, Editor of the New Republic: Is He a Spineless Cowardly Slug? Or Is He a Human Being?

Frank Foer, editor of the New Republic, has a guy who writes for him named Leon Wieselter:

Leon Wieselter: Something Much Darker: I will conclude this unpleasantness here, though there are more rants by [Andrew] Sullivan that merit attention. Criticism of Israeli policy, and sympathy for the Palestinians, and support for a two-state solution, do not require, as their condition or their corollary, this intellectual shabbiness, this venomous hostility toward Israel and Jews. I have striven for Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, and territorial compromise, and two states, for many decades now, but Sullivan’s variety of such right thinking is completely repugnant to me. There are decent and indecent ways to advocate change. About the Jews, is Sullivan a bigot, or is he just moronically insensitive? To me, he looks increasingly like the Buchanan of the left...

Andrew Sullivan is not an anti-semitic bigot.

The question is whether Frank Foer is a human being.

If he is, Leon Wieseltier's connection with the New Republic will be severed before the snow starts falling in Washington Tuesday at lunchtime.

If Frank Foer is, instead, a spineless, cowardly slug uninterested in the downward spiral of the New Republic and of the trashing of his own reputation, Wieselter will continue to do his thing.

God knows Andrew Sullivan has been on my s--- list since the days he decided to prostitute his position as editor of the New Republic by promoting Betsy McCaughey and Charles Murray. And he has been on my super-s--- list since the day he decided he would get some street cred with Republicans by prostituting his intellect as leader of the anti-Paul Krugman hit squad. Andrew Sullivan has, I agree, serious problems. But Leon Wieseltier and Frank Foer have much more serious ones.

Andrew Sullivan is no anti-semitic bigot.