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Passage of Moderate RomneyCare Drives Republicans Insane

RomneyCare Passage Aftermath: Senator Vitter's Amendment to Completely Repeal RomneyCare

Mike Allen:

McConnell eyes majority, then repeal of bill: Refusing to concede permanent defeat on health reform, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell wants to “repeal the whole bill” and replace it with insurance reforms and other measures that could get bipartisan agreement. “They got health care,” McConnell told POLITICO with a mischievous glint in his eye. “We’ll see whether that’s a gift worth receiving.” McConnell said that if Republicans were to win back the Senate majority in November, “at the top of our list would be to repeal and replace this health care bill”...

Vitter says: Repeal RomneyCare because it is $500 billion of Medicare cuts on our seniors--which is wrong!


One Republican senator did not vote for the amendment that would attach complete repeal of RomneyCare to the reconciliation bill...


UPDATE: senatus messages:

Isakson is in the hospital w/ bacterial infection and has missed all the votes...

So that means every single Republican senator voted for complete repeal of RomneyCare--that is, voted against the motion to table the Vitter amendment attaching the complete repeal of RomneyCare to the reconciliation bill. Every single Republication senator. Every. Single. One. For the elimination of the ban on preexisting conditions. Against portability. For job lock. Against the exchanges to keep individuals and small businesses from having to bargain from a position of great weakness.

I think that they are all marching over a cliff.

UPDATE 2: Erick, son of Erick, thinks that they think and Minority Leader McConnell agree that they are all marching over a cliff:

Senate GOP Trying To Scuttle “Repeal It” Amendment: Mitch McConnell and his leadership team are trying to scuttle Republican efforts to force a vote on repeal of the entire health care legislation during the reconciliation process.... [M]oderate Republican senators who voted against Obamacare in December do not want to vote against it again....  McConnell agrees and is not inclined to push Republicans to go along with any effort to force a vote on repeal during reconciliation, despite David Vitter offering up an amendment to do just that...

However, you trust anything Erick, son of Erick, says at your own peril...