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Bloomberg: Destroying Their Reputation DeLong Smackdown Watch

Felix Salmon asks:

Counterparties: What on earth is Bloomberg doing hiring Ben Stein to write for them?

This has been another edition of obvious answers to short questions.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Guess I'm not going to be reading Bloomberg any more. Against Kevin Hassett paired with Ben Stein the gods themselves contend in vain...

UPDATE: Dan Krueger of Bloomberg tells us to chill the f--- out and sit down:

you/Felix Salmon WRONG on Ben Stein on Bloomberg:

Relax. Stein wrote an op-ed. He's not a columnist. In his op-ed he asks why John Paulson wasn't named by the SEC in the Goldman complaint, why no one in upper management was named if, as the complaint alleges, they were kept apprised of the Abacus trade. That is all.

Why oh why can't we have better webloggers?