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Even Mark Halperin Won't Defend the Republicans Anymore

I confess I did not think this day would ever come. I thought nothing would ever be too much for Mark Halperin:

Steve Beneen: White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee... explained why GOP talking points about "bailouts" aren't just wrong, but are in fact the opposite of reality. Goolsbee also did a nice job highlighting the GOP's motivations for repeating obvious nonsense: "Everybody knows a consultant just handed them that line and they're just reading it. It doesn't matter what's in the bill. It could be a bill about breakfast cereal and they're going to say this is a bailout bill."

But what was especially interesting this morning was the moment when host Joe Scarborough turned to Time's Mark Halperin, and urged him to "defend the Republican position" on the legislation. Halperin... couldn't.... "I cannot defend what they're doing," Halperin said. "They are willfully misreading the bill or they are engaged in a cynical attempt to keep the president from achieving something."...

Mark Halperin is calling [Republicans] out for lying...

When even Mark Halperin is calling Republicas out for lying, it is long past time to shut the Republican Party down.