James Kwak on the SEC-Goldman Sachs Civil Fraud Case
Brian Buetler Has a Good Idea

I Say It Again: Nobody Has Any Business Contributing to, Voting for, or Defending the Current Republican Party. Nobody

If you do any of those things, be ashamed: be very ashamed.

Matthew Yglesias's headline says it all:

Obama Administration Sues Goldman Sachs for Fraud, Pushes Regulatory Bill Goldman Sachs Opposes, Gets Accused by Boehner of Doing Goldman’s Bidding


[I]t’s the Obama administration that initiated the lawsuit against Goldman Sachs in the first place. Also consider the fact that Goldman isn’t a leading support of the president’s regulatory reforms at all, it’s a leading opponent.... The Goldman Sachs position is, as best I can tell, identical to the positions of Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell and all the rest. They recognize the need for reform, but oppose the reform bill in the House and oppose the reform bill in the Senate and don’t have any alternative reform bill they do support and don’t have any concrete changes they want to see made to the bills. In other words, they don’t want to do anything. Meanwhile, I don’t know how stupid Boehner and McConnell think people are, but obviously bailouts just happened under the status quo so the idea that passing the bill will somehow make bailouts possible or that standing by the status quo will make it impossible is 100 percent nonsense. Not everyone believes that Chris Dodd’s system is totally airtight, but how on earth does just doing nothing improve on that?

The sooner the Republican Party dies, the better for America. I wish those reasonable people trying to take it back and restore its honor luck, but their cause is hopeless.