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And to Think This Clown Is the de Facto Leader of the Republican Party...

Back at the start of the Clinton Administration National Review annointed Rush Limbaugh "the leader of the opposition." Ever since, it has been true: he has been the de facto leader of the Republican Party.

And he is truly a clown: his latest clown show is his claim that the addition of the XIII Amendment abolishing slavery made the Constitution imperfect.

Media Matters:

Why is Rush Limbaugh defending slavery?: Rush Limbaugh attacked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for citing former Justice Thurgood Marshall's statement that the Constitution as originally written was "defective"... because it [before the XIII Amendment] permitted slavery and did not guarantee women's suffrage.


This is who Elena Kagan idolizes, Justice Marshall, who said the Constitution as originally drafted and conceived was 'defective'...

Clean house, Republicqns. Until you get rid of this clown, no American has any business giving money to, working for, or voting for any Republican candidate.