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Clementine Churchill to Her Husband: June 27, 1940

Clementine Churchill:

My Darling,

I hope you will forgive me if I tell you something I reel you ought to know.

One of hte men in your entourage (a devoted friend) has been to me and told me that there is a danger of your being generally disliked by your colleagues and subordinates because of your rough sarcastic and overbearing manner -- It seems your Private Secretaries have agreed to behave like school boys and 'take what's coming to them and then escape otu of your presenece shrugging their shoulders -- Higher up, if an idea is suggested (say at a conference) you are supposed to be so contemptuous that presently no ideas, good or bad, will be forthcoming. I was astonished and upset because in a these years I have been accustomed to all those who have worked with and under you, loving you -- I said this, and was told 'No doubt it's the strain' --

My Darling Winston, I must confess that I have noticed a deterioration in your manner; and you are not as kind as you used to be.

It is for you to give the Orders and if they are bungled -- escept for the King, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Speaker, you can sack anyone and everyone. Therefor with thisterrific power you must cominbe urbanity, kindness, and if possible Olympic calm You used to quote: -- 'On ne regne sur les ames que par le cale --' I cannot bear that those who serve the Country and yoursef should not love you as well as admire and respect you --

Besides you won't get the best results by irascibility and rudeness. They wil breed either dislike or a slave mentality. (Rebellion in War time being out of the question!)

Please forgive your loving devoted and watchful


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