More Magical Foreign Growth-Promoting Fiscal Austerity

Fifty-Two Little Herbert Hoovers

Arthur Delaney:

Jobs Bill Bombs In Senate, 45-52: Deficit concerns trumped jobless aid in the Senate Wednesday as a key vote on a bill to reauthorize several expired programs, including extended unemployment benefits, failed 45-52, with 12 Democrats voting against it. "I've said all along that we have to be able to pay for what we're spending," said Sen. Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat who voted against the bill. "$77 billion or more of this is not paid for and that translates into deficit spending and adding to the debt, and the American people are right: We've got to stop doing that."

But back in 2001:

Nelson played a vital role in passing the 2001 tax cut... [as] one of a handful of centrist senators that helped craft the proposal to cut taxes by $1.3 trillion that was ultimately signed into law...

Budget arsonists shouldn't be allowed to claim that they are budget firemen. Just saying.