Are Reed Abelson and Gardiner Harris as Big Tools as Their Attempted Trashing of Dartmouth Suggests? Yes. Time to Shut the New York Times for Good
Merrill Goozner Is Unhappy with Abelson and Harris of the New York Times

Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?

The only reason to have a New York Times is if it exercises quality control over those it prints in its pages. And it doesn't. Judy Miller ethics rule.

The big lie from Abelson and Harris's story about the Dartmouth study of health care costs comes in paragraph 6:

Data Used to Justify Health Savings Effort Is Sometimes Shaky: (6) For all anyone knows, patients could be dying in far greater numbers in hospitals in the beige regions than hospitals in the brown ones, and Dartmouth’s maps would not pick up that difference...

But it isn't the only one.

Here is David Cutler, as quoted by Abelson and Harris:

[E]ven those who defend Dartmouth say that failing to make basic data adjustments undermines the geographic variations the atlas purports to show. David Cutler, a professor of economics at Harvard, likens it to failing to account for inflation when looking at gross domestic product. “Nobody in their right mind would talk about G.D.P. growth without adjusting for prices,” he said...

Here is David Cutler, in reality:

[T]he reporter asked ‘what do you make of the fact that the price adjustment changes the ranking of communities?’ I said something to the effect of ‘why do I care about the non-price adjusted data.’... [T]he Dartmouth people have done the price adjustment, so we don’t have to fight about what such an adjustment would do. Hard to tell why my comments are beating up on anything (except a mythical version of the Dartmouth data in which they had never done price adjustment)...