Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson Are the Only Two Members of the Entitlement Commission Who Endorse Their Recommendations?
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Yes, the Entitlement Commission Was an Unforced Error by the Obama Administration

At the time I asked why you would take a budget arsonist like Alan Simpson and give him a Fire Chief hat. I never got a good answer.

Now they are throwing people out of their press conference:

Catfood Commission Presser: Update: Alex Lawson was thrown out of the press conference because he’s not “press”...

Yes, a hideous unforced error:

Commission Co-Chair Proposal:

Cap revenue at or below 21% of GDP...

It probably means nothing--it all depends on what "revenue" means. But if it means something it is going to be a disaster as health care costs rise. You cannot implement PPACA's health-insurance exchanges without a subsidy pool. And if the money to pay for that subsidy pool has to fit under a 21% of GDP revenue cap, it simply does not work.

[P]rojections assume health care spending growth is kept to GDP+1%...

Oh my God! Ration city, here we come!

What clowns vetted this thing?

A 23% top marginal tax rate?

Hoo boy!