Low Tech Cyclist Goes Where Nobody Should Ever Go...
Why Oh Why Can't We Have Better Deficit Commissions?

Stan Collender Is Shrill

Poor Stan actually thought that the Republicans might have meant it when they campaigned on how important it was to reduce the budget deficit. Silly Stan: Republican politicians believe in nothing at all:

Is The Tax Deal The Ultimate Irony Or Hypocrisy?: After making the budget deficit not just a campaign issue but the campaign issue of 2010, one of the very first legislative things the Republicans in Congress will do after the election is agree to a tax cut and extension of unemployment benefits (and god knows what else) that will...wait for it...increase the deficit.  The two-year increase in the deficit because of the deal will be greater than the stimulus bill the GOP railed against during the election. This is either one of the most exquisite ironies or extraordinary hypocrisies in the history of American politics.  It ranks right up there with Lyndon Johnson campaigning against Barry Goldwater in 1964 by criticizing his plan to increase military activities in Vietnam and then, after the election, having the Pentagon do many of the things he had criticized Goldwater for suggesting.

Most of this round of stimulus does look to be relatively low bang-for-buck, and it is not paid for over ten years, but it does look to me as though it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.