IAS 107 Intermediate Macroeconomics Lecture for April 7, 2011
Can We Please Just Shut Jacob Weisberg Down Now?

Can We Please Just Shut the Heritage Foundation Down Now?

We really do not need it.

Americans do not need it.

Liberals do not need it.

Conservatives do not need it. Its existence is simply offensive to all of us who actually want good public policies and sane political discourse.

Paul Krugman writes:

Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman - The Conscience of a Liberal: Wow. Yesterday afternoon I downloaded the tables from that Heritage report that’s the basis for the Ryan plan... with the amazing 2.8 percent [unemployment rate] prediction.... But go to the same place right now, and... took the offending number out.

I mean, really, guys — this is all over the blogosphere; did you really think you could get away with pretending it was never there?

But this does bring back memories: during the Social Security debate, Cato tried to expunge all evidence that it had ever used the word “privatization”, when it was easy to show that its project was originally the Project on Social Security Privatization.

Anyway, you now know what kind of people we’re dealing with.

Update: For reference, here they are (pdf files): As of yesterday http://www.princeton.edu/~pkrugman/heritage1.pdf. As of today http://www.princeton.edu/~pkrugman/heritage2.pdf.

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