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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Jacob Weisberg Edition

Jacob Weisberg today, May 22, 2011:

Birtherism, the debt ceiling, climate change, evolution: Are Republicans losing their grip on reality?: The long-range forecasts in the Paul Ryan plan, which show spending falling to 3 percent of GDP to allow for additional tax cuts, express an impossible libertarian fantasy...

Jacob Weisberg, April 5, 2011:

Good Plan! Republican Paul Ryan's budget proposal is brave, radical, and smart: If the GOP gets behind his proposals in a serious way, it will become for the first time in modern memory an intellectually serious party—one with a coherent vision to match its rhetoric of limited government.... [M]ore than anyone else in politics, Rep. Ryan has made a serious attempt to grapple with the long-term fiscal issue the country faces. He has a largely coherent, workable set of answers...

We are pleased to welcome Jacob Weisberg back from the Gamma Quadrant to reality, and pleased that he recognizes--today, anyway--that impossible libertarian fantasies are not intellectually serious, are not a coherent vision, are not a serious attempt to grapple with the long-term fiscal issues, are not coherent and workable.

But Weisberg's oeuvre is missing something, no? Where is the "how Paul Ryan bamboozled me" column?