An Elbow to the Ribs While the Ref Isn't Looking II: Macroeconomic Analysis Department
Other People Do Not Understand the Obama Administration Either…

Thank-Eee Mister Rooz-Eee-Velt!

No sooner did we move into our rented house at the top of the Berkeley hills, but our electricity went out.

That seemed to carry the heat with it, either from the thermostat or the electrical igniter. Moreover, since everything was in boxes, we needed a flashlight to find the box with the flashlights in it. And our movers in trying to install our refrigerator had somehow switched off and then broke the valve to the water in the kitchen.

We were--barring expeditions down Marin, watching regenerative braking recharge the Prius's battery followed by purchasing prepared foods at Andronicos--suddenly reduced to the 19th century: no running water, no central heat, no electricity, no phone, no Internet, no cable.

Then over the next five days all of these services were restored, and we went in less than one week from the 19th to the 21st century.

And now my wife occasionally chirps up and says: That rural electrification initiative shoor is something! Thank-eee Mister Rooz-eee-velt! I am going to vote for him for life!