Just Give Everybody Free Money Now!
Major Clifford Hugh Douglas: Social Credit

Helicopter Drops: Does the Treasury Have Authority to Lend $10,000 Interest-Free to Every 2011 Taxpayer?

Mint ten $1,000 platinum coins for each 2011 taxpayer. Lend them to each 2011 taxpayer--at zero percent nominal interest for a hundred year term, so that each taxpayer or their heirs and assigns will be liable for paying the money back in 2111.

Does the Treasury have authority to do this right now? I think it might--or that the same lawyers who say that what we did in Libya was not "hostilities" would be able to claim that the Treasury has such authority.

And if the Treasury doesn't, I am pretty confident that the Federal Reserve does. (Every taxpayer might have to first fill out a form incorporating him or herself as a bank holding company, however.)