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How Different Was This Time?

Twitterstorm delong: October 14, 2011

  • @mattyglesias @NeilIrwin Why would he say that? It's clearly wrong--the bond market thinks things could get a lot worse...

  • RT @TPM: Fox & Friends: We prob should have clarified that our story on Obama apologizing to Japan was false http://tpm.ly/prpCe7

  • RT @dismalscientist: #Brazil's central bank has reversed its earlier tightening, but will have to do more to undo the damage.

  • RT @mattduss: Important to remember that, in addition to being an old racist douche, Marty Peretz is just an impressively bad writer

  • RT @ThePlumLineGS: RT @kdrum When is a Jobs Plan Not a Jobs Plan? http://mojo.ly/oGruj4

  • RT @JeffreyFeldman: Reuters coverage of #OWS so laced with bitterness it's entertaining... http://reut.rs/qDUurg

  • RT @tomdale: It's surprising that Apple and UPS can physically deliver more phones than AT&T can load balance activation servers for.

  • RT @9to5mac: "just spoke to a manager at one of my apple stores here. AT&T/Sprint servers down, VZW still up."

  • RT @ppppolls: When you know the tide is turning- 52% of Nebraska Republicans support legal recognition for gay couples: http://tinyurl.com/3serq5g

  • RT @owillis: Kansas City Bishop Indicted in Reporting of Abuse by Priest http://nyti.ms/pS3b6w

  • RT @EricBoehlert: yeah, @Reuters is hopeless: Soros article editor says she's "unaware" of any criticism of the reporting

  • RT @realUS232: @EricBoehlert yea, Reuters knows that article is indefensible! #ReutersFail

  • RT @davidmwessel: White House makes it official. The long-term care insurance slice of Obama health plan is dead. http://is.gd/EMiBjn

  • RT @michaelscherer: RT @MelindaDC: Wehner on Anita Perry : U know u've created God in ur own image when it turns out God hates all the s ...

  • RT @aterkel: RT @daveweigel: Ughhhhh RT @thegarance: Anita Perry: We know pain of unemployed because our banker son quit his job bit.ly/ ...

  • RT @owillis: somehow i get the feeling the perry campaign will begin limiting access to anita perry going forward #notreadyforprimetime

  • RT @BetseyStevenson: If this was 1911 replace college w/ high school & same debate RT @ezraklein: Do too many kids go to college? A deba ...

  • RT @ggreenwald: Nothing excites reporters like palace intrigue and royal court gossip: http://is.gd/EbMnDr