James Saft, Fifteen Months Ago, on Ireland
Quote of the Day: December 15, 2011

No. The Irish Economy Is Not Recovering

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Yet more "Cuir Siao Ar Ghabhar Agus Is Ghabhar" blogging, via Paul Krugman:

Kevin O'Rourke:

The Irish Economy: The latest employment figures: “So, we hear Ireland is recovering”, a French friend said to me last night. (Mind you, they said something similar in the summer of 2010. Our government has an incentive to sell the Irish good news story, and “Europe” has an incentive to buy it.) So, here http://cso.ie/en/media/csoie/releasespublications/documents/labourmarket/2011/qnhs_q32011.pdf are the latest employment data, reporting the largest seasonally adjusted quarterly fall in employment in two years, and which surely deserve a thread of their own.

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