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Lisa MacIntyre McIntire Smacks Down James Poulos via Twitter

James Poulos:

What are women for?: Today the significant battle is over what women are for…. The prevailing answer is the non-answer, a Newt-worthy challenge to the premise that insists the real purpose of women is nothing in particular.

Such an answer… is anathema to most conservatives…. [T]he left’s alleged philosophical uniformity on the woman question is a complete fabrication…. The purpose of lifting the left’s Potemkin skirts is not to score tits for tats…. Liberals, of course, generally and characteristically deny that abortion is barbaric. But the Casey decision substituted a progressive passivity for that very active moral claim…. Lip service is often paid to the impression that the point of empowering women is to empower them to do whatever they want, but… [the liberal] framework hasn’t come anywhere close to answering even the most basic questions about what women are for….

Much good would come from a broader recognition that women have a privileged relationship with the natural world. That’s a relationship which must receive its social due — if masculinity in its inherent and imitative varieties (including imitation by quasi-feminized males of quasi-masculinized females!) is not to conquer the world.

This is a thing of beauty: Lisa McIntire's twitter stream:

Lisa McIntire (lisamcintire) on Twitter:

@avram I'm pretty sure it's the latter, as amply demonstrated by his word salad, I mean, article.

@johndburger @zunguzungu The point is, even though he didn't have a discernible thesis, his question was appallingly insulting.

Oh, your prose has a "style." That's a flattering way of putting it. MT @jamespoulos: Yes: I am not a stranger to this writing style

@amaeryllis I've gotten all the swears. (Used to work for pro-choice Democrats.) Also was called an unfunny spinster by The Daily Caller.

Oh, did I force you to read my tweets? I'm terribly sorry. RT @chogokin: @LisaMcIntire if itll help you shut up, go for it!

Going to drink a goddamned beer. Is that all right, fellas? Is a hearing necessary? How about probes? Is it what I'm for???

RT @amaeryllis: I almost started writing a post, "What are men for?" ...but I respect men and think they are valuable, so I decided not to.

@randomsubu Irony.

@PeterKretzman Obfuscation is a common tactic when you really have no point.

Any privileged white dudes want to go on record about women today? Because you've been AWFULLY QUIET.

@stefanjbecket Um, the first graf contains: "Today the significant battle is over what women are for."

Gosh darnit! No answers from @jamespoulos. I guess I'll go eat dinner like an autonomous being and wait on his reply? #whatamIfor

Is this right, @jamespoulos?? RT @cloudmir: they're reproductive vessels and if they ever question that they're considered malfunctional

I'm sorry, @jamespoulos. I didn't mean to be so difficult "grasp, translate, and reconcile." I thought I was a person. Pretty silly, huh?

Shall I part my hair behind, @jamespoulos? Do I dare to eat a peach?

Dear @jamespoulos: how should I begin to spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways? And how should I presume?

Me again, @jamespoulos. Can you maybe hurry up and tell me what I'm for? Want to eat dinner soon but not sure if I can make decisions?

Also, @jamespoulos? Is the idea that what men are for is to write nonsensical pieces questioning the purpose of 51% of the population?

Hi, @jamespoulos? Woman here. Your prose made me want to stick a fork in my eye, so I'm still not sure what I'm for? Help?

Sometimes I say to myself, I say, "Lisa? What are you for?" "Well golly, my ladybrain sure doesn't know! Best consult the Daily Caller."

RT @ClaraJeffery: LADIES-->> The @dailycaller asks, "What Are Women For?" thedc.com/zt1aYv // Absolutely nothing? (Good god!)

Foster Friess's aspirin comment was a classic gaffe: truth-telling by accident. His ilk truly believes women are filthy sluts.

@irincarmon I can't even get past the headline. I'm all for taking a hot shower after that word vomit.

@losinghand Please do. Not like the Catholic Church is OK with vasectomies, either.

Almost as if women vote... RT @TPM: How the GOP turned back the clock six decades in just one day, via @evanmc_s: http://tpm.ly/zgacSM

RT @tbogg: As I have said before "Some choose celibacy, others have it chosen for them". See: CPAC, most guys spotted at

If you're a straight man not speaking up for birth control, then I can only assume you're celibate or want a whole lot of kids.

@DanteAtkins @cruickshank Making moves around abortion makes political sense, for the GOP. Going after BC does not.

Excellent advice! RT @DanteAtkins: take some aspirin for the brain freeze. But put it between your legs. It works better that way.

Remember when we said they're coming after birth control and you didn't want to believe it? Do you believe it now?

@la_belle_t Stupid us, being born with ladyparts. Guess we asked for all the punishment, really.

Dark days, indeed, for women's rights. Guess you just don't know what's good for you, ladies. Let us help: http://tinyurl.com/76olj78

The bottom line is that this farcical "debate" over contraception is just the expression of seething contempt for women.

Do not cede this ground: limiting access to contraception is IMMORAL. The inability to control one's fertility is misery.

OPEN internet, #CLOSED legs RT @DarrellIssa: Today's hearing was on religious freedom, not birth control.

I just can't even with the contraception "debate" today. Follow those with more strength at the moment: @pemalevy, @WentRogue, @LEBassett.

@stefanjbecket No, no, you said you had a headache AS birth control. #backinmyday

I can't think of someone who sets a worse example than Rick Santorum: ignorant, hateful, priggish, bigoted, and moronic.

@junedaisy Since you live in Virginia, I say go on the offense: incorporate your ladyparts. Legal protections galore!

@jbouie Understandable. I'm trying to be fair and only call out VA Republicans -- can't blame a whole state.

I'm sorry, does it get more Orwellian than a law sold as "informed consent" that forces vaginal probes? #doublespeak

Virginia Republicans, have you considered passing a chastity belt law? At this point, what's holding you back?

Can women in Virginia have a religious exception to mandated probing for the exercise of their constitutional rights? #questions

I like that birth control is a political issue this year because it means the year is 1964 and the Beatles are about to get huge.

Are we getting it yet? THIS IS NOT OK. RT @jesseltaylor: The Virginia Legislature's gift to women:

Counter-proposal to Virginia ultrasound law: probes to confirm that GOP lawmakers do, in fact, have their heads up their asses.

To clarify: state government can perform an invasive bodily probe before a LEGAL medical procedure. How is this constitutional?

Lawyers, help me out here. Police need a warrant to search your property, but can require vaginal probes? @Hegemommy

RT @KagroX: Virginia is for lovers. Vagina is for state-mandated probing. http://bit.ly/xoZjSq