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Rush Limbaugh's Fanboys Do Not Include U. Rochester President Joel Seligman...

... but they do include U. Rochester Professor Stephen Landsburg.

Joel Seligman

Joel Seligman Statement on Steve Landsburg's Blogs About Rush Limbaugh:March 6, 2012: I was deeply disappointed to read UR Professor Steve Landsburg’s recent blogs praising Rush Limbaugh for a “spot-on analogy” with respect to his offensive remarks about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke.... He stated that Ms. Fluke’s position deserved “only to be ridiculed, mocked and jeered.” He further stated that the right word for her position was “extortionist,” characterized those who disagreed with his view as “contraceptive sponges,” and added that there is nothing wrong with being paid for sex. Professor Landsburg has the right to express his views... o reasonable person would ever assume that he speaks for the University of Rochester.

I also have the right to express my views. I am outraged that any professor would demean a student in this fashion. To openly ridicule, mock, or jeer a student in this way is about the most offensive thing a professor can do. We are here to educate, to nurture, to inspire, not to engage in character assassination.... . Landsburg now has made himself newsworthy as one of Limbaugh’s few defenders. I wish he had focused instead on the ideal of a university as an institution that promotes the free exchange of ideas and lively debate at its best in an atmosphere of civil discourse in which the dignity of every individual is respected.

I recall that it was Michael Kinsley and Jacob Weisberg who gave Landsburg his initial media platform.

Heckuva job, guys!