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Econ 1: Spring 2012: U.C. Berkeley: Revised Syllabus: Macroeconomics


W Apr 4: What Macroeconomics Is (Principles of Macroeconomics, lectures 1-3)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, Money and human relationships, Honor among thieves? Honor among bankers?

M Apr 9: Aggregate Demand and the Income-Expenditure Framework (Principles of Macroeconomics, lectures 4-5)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, Professionalism and fulfillment, Epilogue to parts I and II

W Apr 11: Dealing with the Great Recession (Principles of Macroeconomics, lecture 6)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, Prologue to part III, The city, Water
  • Section: Second short essay: “Friedman and Director Friedman and the Politics of Economics” due
  • Section: How to do problem set 7: strategy/labor/inequality

M Apr 16: Origins of the Great Recession (Principles of Macroeconomics, lectures 7-8)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, Prices for everything? Families and firms
  • Section: problem set 7 due.

W Apr 18: Inflation Economics: Aggregate Supply and the Phillips Curve (Principles of Macroeconomics, lecture 9)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, Knowledge and symbols, Exclusion, Epilogue to Part III
  • Section: How to do problem set 8: aggregate demand and supply

M Apr 23: Budget Economics (Principles of Macroeconomics, lecture 10)

  • Seabright, Prologue to part IV, States and empires, Globalization and political action
  • Section: Problem set 8 due

W Apr 25: Growth Economics (Principles of Macroeconomics, lectures 11-12)

  • Reading for Section: Seabright, How fragile is the great experiment?
  • Section: How to do problem set 9: inflation and unemployment, economic growth


M Apr 30: REVIEW

  • Problem Set 9 due.


20120403 Econ 1 spring 2012 revised syllabus.pdf