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Maybe Jamie Dimon Doesn't Understand the Situation...

When your brakes fail but you manage to coast to a stop without hitting anything, you don't say "there's nothing wrong here because we didn't crash and kill ourselves".

But that seems to be what Jamie Dimon is saying here:

Dimon On Whether JP Morgan's $2 Billion Loss Proves Banks Are Still Too Risky: 'I Don't Think So':

GREGORY: Have you given regulators new ammunition against the banks?

DIMON: Absolutely, this is a very unfortunate and inopportune time to have had this.

GREGORY: But if the best of the best can’t manage a risk like this, does it not tell you that the banking system is still several years after the financial collapse, too risky?

DIMON: I don’t think so. It’s a question of size. This is not a risk that is life threatening to JP Morgan.