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Some of What I Found Worth Noting: June 18, 2012

Possible Questions for Elizabeth Warren

  1. What would you have done differently than Richard Cordray to give the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a better chance of successfully accomplishing its mission? FOLLOW UP: What can we who are here today do in the future to give the CFPB a better chance of accomplishing its mission?

  2. You and your causes have been victims of our dysfunctional senate. When elected, will you use all the procedural tools at your disposal to block Republican initiatives root-and-branch, without compromise, on the principle that turnabout is fair play? Or will you seek to build comity and bipartisanship and make the senate a functioning deliberative body? FOLLOW UPS: (1) Doesn't that guarantee and dysfunctional government, and allow Republicans to say: "We told you so: government is dysfunctional?" (2) Doesn't that simply make you a doormat for the next wave of right-wing policy proposals?

  3. America's debt crisis is, I think, primarily an affordability-of-middle-class-needs crisis and a stagnant-wages crisis. When elected, what will your priorities be in addressing those two aspects of the crisis?

  4. What can one senator do to reduce income inequality, and make America more of a middle-class society?

I asked #2...