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Microblogging: August 20, 2012

Dishonesty Is The Seventh Killer App - Ta-Nehisi Coates |

James Wolcott: Niall Ferguson Coughs Up an Editorial Furball |

“I will never be as mendacious, deceitful, intellectually dishonest and a disgrace as is Niall Ferguson.” |

Mark Thoma Sends Us to Ezra Klein on the Embarrassingly Bad Niall Ferguson |

At the Origins of the Internet… |

Greg Sargent: How bad is the Ryan-Akin anti-abortion bill? |

RT @ThePlumLineGS: Dem Rep. Louise Slaughter: Ryan-Akin bill could allow rapists to sue their victims to stop abortions: |

RT @dylanmatt: @MattZeitlin I believe the opening line was, “There are times when the world makes this job easy. Like, unbelievably easy.” |

RT @dylanmatt: The fundamentals for The Daily Show tonight are strong. Like, “the VP just shot a dude in the face” strong. |

RT @amaeryllis: Well, GOP, if you were “adult” enough to get yourself in this situation then you’ll just have to deal with the consequences as best you can. |

RT @pamspaulding: RT @clarknt67: Looks like @ToddAkin blew the lid off a underground belief system that rape can’t cause pregnancy. |

RT @amaeryllis: GOP, you can’t abandon Todd Akin! He is a gift from God, you should be thankful for this gift and embrace how he enriches your party. |

RT @GStuedler: ”The female body also has ways of shutting down your whole election” #p2 |

RT @anamariecox: RT @fivethirtyeight The type of person with poor enough judgment to say what Akin did has poor enough judgment to stay in the race. |

RT @emptywheel: Here’s post I keep mis-linking MT @ThePlumLineGS: Ryan-Akin bill could give states authority to outlaw IVF: |

RT @KailiJoy: Politico reporter @DaveCatanese explains Akin sort of has a point about rape and magic ladyparts |

RT @jedlewison: Republicans are really worried that Todd Akin let people in on their secret. |

RT @ThePlumLineGS: @emptywheel for the record, “Ryan-Akin” was mine, not Slaughter’s |

RT @RL_Miller: we’ll adapt? RT @AP: BREAKING: Low water forces closure of 11-mile stretch of the Mississippi River; 97 vessels await passage. |

And Dave Catanese of Politico Defends Todd Akin |

The Depressing Situation in Europe: Fred Bergsten and What Does “Resolve Each Successive Stage of the Crisis” Mean? |

And Matthew O’Brien’s Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson’s Very Bad Argument |

Tina Brown fooled by Onion article about Obama, runs it as Newsweek cover story |

RT @TheDailyEdge: REPORT: Tina Brown fooled by Onion article about Obama, runs it as Newsweek cover story #gaffe #mediafail |

RT @Noahpinion: It’s OK to beat a dead horse if, in life, the horse made you really, really mad. And was named Niall Ferguson. |

RT @brianbeutler: @chrislhayes even today, he thought part of the problem was that people took him to be using the “wrong” definition of “legitimate.” |

RT @amaeryllis: Quick, @ToddAkin, put an aspirin between the shaky legs of your campaign! |

RT @Noahpinion: People with British accents should organize and ban Niall Ferguson from TV. He’s holding back the race. |

RT @VictoriaDahl: To quote The Onion: “When are women going to face the fact that they don’t know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?” |

RT @gruber: Many Republicans support no-exceptions-for-rape abortion bans. They just don’t talk about the implications. Akins did. |

RT @jesseberney: Akin thought it was a medical report because it was authored by “Dr. Bryan J. Fischer.” |

RT @kjhealy: Todd Akin says he’s staying in. Presumably, if he ends up losing the election it’ll be because he secretly wanted to. |

RT @jbplainblog: RT @chrislhayes: This Akin situation is a good illustration of the costs of epistemic closure: He really thought he was just passing on… |

RT @ObsoleteDogma: @jdportes @delong @Noahpinion My turn to fact-check Niall Ferguson. |

RT @brianbeutler: Todd “US rape-gaffe candidate” Akin RT @elliottjustin international news epithet for Akin now “US rape-gaffe candidate” |

RT @TheDailyEdge: #Romney: “I’m actually more comfortable discussing my missing tax returns than Akin’s rape comments or Ryan’s plan to kill #Medicare” |

RT @Earl_Hoffert: @JC_Christian If evolution was real, the earth would swallow up geologists intent on distorting the fossil record #akinbiology |

How Far Are We from Normal Cyclical Levels of Production?

Jeffrey Brown et al.: Risk and Returns to Education

Richard Hornbeck and Suresh Naidu: When the Levee Breaks: Black Migration and Economic Development in the American Sout |

“The biggest weakness of the Voting Rights Act is that it doesn’t apply to the entire country”

Todd Akin Doesn’t Just Have Wild Views About Abortion | TPMDC

RT @pdacosta: Go into “copy settings” select double-sided, and the number of copies you require… RT @knmtechnology How QE works |

Yes, Politico’s Dave Catanese Really Does Believe That If She Gets Pregnant, She Liked It… |

Ron Lieber is an embarrassment. So is the New York Times |

Kris Benson: New York Times Columnist Bravely Defends Fortune 500 Company From Comedian, Grieving Parents

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Tim Duy’s Fed Watch |

Hilsensrath: Don’t Worry About The Federal Reserve’s Hawks, QE Is Still Possible | The Big Picture |

PNdC: Ryan’s Fed policy views well outside mainstream | Reuters |

Lawrence Summers: The reality of trying to shrink government |

Iceland Discovers That The Economy Has a Liberal Bias |

Calculated Risk: Mortgage Cramdowns: A Missed Opportunity |

“Ferguson is like some clever middle schooler who thinks he’s made a terrifically shrewd point” |

“the only possible inference is that Niall Ferguson deliberately distorted its plain meaning” |

Paul Ryan Staked Out Contradictory Position on the Stimulus | Swampland | |

Fiscal Policy Having Negative Impact on Economic Growth | FDL News Desk |

Federal Spending Is VERY Popular. Episode 2: Paul Ryan Is A Hypocrite | Stan Collender’s Capital Gains and Games |

Yves Smith: New York Times apologizes for Obama’s housing non-policy

Paul Ryan Hailed Todd Akin’s ‘Leadership’ In Missouri Senate Primary | TPM2012 |

Goolsbee: Republicans ‘Would Classify Mitt Romney’s Horse a Small Business’ | Video Cafe |

Monetary History |

“I was in the chair at MSNBC about to argue with Naill Ferguson about his anti-Obama screed but they had to cancel” |

David: Santorum Claims That Saying ‘Y’all’ Is Divisive

Aviva Shen: Ohio GOP Election Board Member: Our Voting Process Shouldn’t Accommodate Black Voters |

Minsky’s Pizza |

AAUP: Revised Rules on Academic Misconduct |

Dylan Beers: Niall Ferguson Lies Yet Again |

A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson’s Very Bad Argument Against Obama - Matthew O’Brien |

No, Ferguson was not a “good loser” in 2008: “Obama had just won, and here was Ferguson claiming to be on his side.” |

Todd Akin Doubles Down: If She Gets Pregnant, It Wasn’t Really Rape—I’m on the Same Page as Paul Ryan and the Other… |

Peter Orszag Is Surprised Neither That the Sun Rose in the East This Morning Nor That Paul Ryan and Robert Samuelson… |

And James Fallows Tears Niall Ferguson to Shreds and Gobbets, and then Eats the Gobbets |

James Fallows on Niall Ferguson: As a Harvard Alum, I Apologize |

Ohio GOPer: We Shouldn’t ‘Contort’ To ‘African-American Voter-Turnout Machine’ |

RT @AlexParkerDC: .@ezraklein @delong Use of the word “net” for ACA means “net increase in deficit” in that passage, and @nfergus knows it. |

A Canard That Will Not Die: ‘Legitimate Rape’ Doesn’t Cause Pregnancy - Garance Franke-Ruta

RT @jimtankersley: It’s fairly clear that @delong and @ObsoleteDogma are in a death race to see who can obliterate Niall Ferguson 1st: |

RT @ATLGreg1: In which @delong has to explain grammar to Newsweek’s Niall Ferguson Nice calling out of horrible journalism. |

RT @jdportes: @delong Secondary Q: How does “$1,042 billion” become “close to $1.2 trillion” in Ferguson’s “rebuttal”? @Noahpinion @ObsoleteDogma |

RT @KagroX: Best to rely on magic when “explaining” the uncomfortable or counterintuitive. Whether it’s “legitimate rape” bio-defenses or Laffer curves. |

RT @AriBerman: Top Ohio GOP official admits early voting cutbacks are racially motivated - and the numbers don’t lie |

RT @stanrisdon2: @haymakers @delong Per Samuel Johnson, Scots can’t help themselves. Niall made his name suggesting world better if Ger. won WW 1. Kaiser? |

More Lies from Niall Ferguson |

Austin Frakt: Not double counting, in one chart |

Medicare (Dis-)Advantage | Jared Bernstein |

Dean Baker: It’s Monday and Robert Samuelson is Confused About Medicare, Again |

Nick Baumann: Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and Redefining Rape |

“The myth that women can’t get pregnant from rape stems from basic assumptions anti-choicers make about women”

Maggie Mahar: How the Affordable Care Act Pays for Itself and Cuts the Deficit |

Jamelle Bouie: Why Romney Keeps Lying |

“The timid, muddled approach Obama has taken toward the housing crisis left millions underwater and facing foreclosure” |

Paul Ryan Explains Why He Must Destroy Medicare as We Know It as Fast as Possible |

RT @brianbeutler: Scott Brown calls on Todd Akin to not cost him his seat in Massachusetts. |

RT @ThePlumLineGS: Romney keeps lying about Obama and welfare b/c he knows media won’t hold him accountable: via @jbouie |

RT @PIMCO: A new article by Mohamed El-Erian, “Spain’s Hesitation Says It All”, is now available on |

RT @mattduss: Asked about his foreign policy experience, Ryan answers: “I voted to send people to war” in Iraq. |

RT @ANNELAMOTT: Amazed by akin’s dazzling ingorance, as if uterus is tiny Chernobyl—“Red alert, red alert—rapey mean-man sperm breach. Cut the engines.” |

RT @sissenberg: When do the British magazines start calling in underinformed Americans to write cover stories on whether or not Cameron has been a failure? |

RT @ddayen: This idea of homeowners “undeserving” of help when banks literally lost the chain of ownership on their loans is an amusing concept. |

Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps? Niall Ferguson Edition

RT @LemieuxLGM: Niall Ferguson — on the take, or most overrated public intellectual in known human history? |

RT @sarahkliff: Study: Rape victims have a higher pregnancy rates than other women |

No, Paul Ryan Cannot Manage a Staff of 20. Why Do You Ask? |

Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps? |

Why We Argue: An America in Which Today’s Republican Party Contests Elections Is an America That Will Become Weak an… |

You can’t have stagflation without the ‘flation « A Flea in the Fur of the Beast |

Char Weise: The DeLong Effect | Creative Destruction |

The Depressing Situation in Europe: What Does “Resolve Each Successive Stage of the Crisis” Mean? |

Memo to the New Republic: Don’t Print William Galston Any More. It Makes Mongo ANGRY! We Don’t Want Mongo ANGRY! |

Martin Wolf Explains What Is Very Wrong with Paul Ryan—and Mitt Romney—in Words of One Syl |

Microblogging: August 19, 2012 |

Paul Krugman on Niall Ferguson: “We’re not talking about ideology or even economic analysis, but misrepresentation” |