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Romney Spox Says Romney-Fired Workers Should Have Taken a Time Portal Forward in Time and Space to Get RomneyCare in Massachusetts!

On Ryan's Claim That He Will Just End Medicare as We Know It for the Currently-Young...

John Quiggin:

The grandfather clause: I saw a reference to (US Representative) Paul Ryan’s plan to kill Social Security and Medicare, but only for people currently under 55 (he doesn’t say “kill” of course, but if it was going to make things better he wouldn’t need to exempt everyone likely to care directly about the issue)…. A policy like this has what economists like to call a time-inconsistency problem. To get the policy approved, Ryan needs the votes of people currently over 55 (hence the exemption)…. [Future Congresses] will face three choices: (a) Repeal the whole thing if they can do so before it comes into force; (b) Keep on paying high taxes to fund benefits they will never receive for the benefit of the selfish old so-and-so’s who voted to cut the rope once they had reached the top; or (c ) extend the same cuts to the (as of 2011) over 55’s, and claw back some money for themselves.

If I were an over-55 Republican, I don’t think I would want to count on (b)