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Kevin’s Facebook Entry:

Today is a great day - after six months of application forms and enormous amounts of time and paperwork, I just received Hana's new medical coverage confirmation under President Obama's federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 ("Obamacare").

Hana has been type 1 diabetic since 19 months old. She will always have this "pre-existing condition" until a cure for diabetes is found. As a self-employed parent, I was unable to obtain any private individual insurance coverage for her and her pre-existing condition, and so was faced with only one option, to set up a private group medical policy under my fledging little company. The monthly premium for her coverage under this last resort effort was a whopping $1,480 with OOE at over $10,000. Not cheap, but my only option.

Obamacare's newly formed Pre-Existing Conditions Plan (PCIP) program allows Hana to be enrolled in a comprehensive PPO plan, with her premiums being just $124.00 per month.