Sean Trende: A Tale of Two Conventions
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Why Oh Why Did the Republicans Nominate This Clown?

ObamaCare allows parents to keep their young-adult children on their insurance, requires insurers to offer guaranteed issue and community rates, and imposes an individual mandate to purchase insurance on individuals.

Now comes Mitt Romney:

Romney says he won't repeal all of Obamacare: Mitt Romney says his pledge to repeal President Barack Obama's health law doesn't mean that young adults and those with medical conditions would no longer be guaranteed health care.

So there we have it: Romney will keep the parts of ObamaCare that are young-adult coverage, and guaranteed issue and community rates.

It continues:

The Republican presidential nominee says he'll replace the law with his own plan. He tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that the plan he worked to pass while governor of Massachusetts…

So there we have it: Romney will keep the parts of ObamaCare thatimposes on individual mandate to purchase insurance.

So what's left?

Romney says he doesn't plan to repeal of all of Obama's signature health care plan. He says there are a number of initiatives he likes in the Affordable Care Act that he would keep in place if elected president…

Like: the whole thing. Duh.

There is something very wrong with anybody working for, contributing to, or arguing for Ryan-Romney right now.