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Yes, Clive Crook Has Lost His Mind. Why Do You Ask?

Clive Crook:

Glenn Kessler's Shameless Lie: I try to be fair, God knows I try. Like Ezra Klein (what would we do without that impartial authority?) I strive to do justice to both sides. But here's the thing. At some point, you can be fair, or you can seem to be fair, but not both.

Kessler's foundational lie--the stinking lie on which his whole corrupt operation is based--is that he's "fact-checking". Untrue! Last week the purported Fact Checker went so far as to pre-check the speech he thought Romney would probably give to the convention. Here he is, referencing a Romney ad:

"President Obama gutted welfare reform. My plan for a stronger middle class will put work back in welfare." This highly inaccurate Four Pinocchio claim is at the center of what the Romney campaign considers its most effective ad. At issue is a memo issued in July by the Department of Health and Human Services, encouraging states to consider "new, more effective ways" of meeting employment goals. As part of that, the HHS Secretary would consider issuing waivers to states concerning worker participation targets….

All you sniveling false-balance types, you know what you can do with your middle way. Mickey Kaus, screw your efforts to look at the welfare controversy more "carefully". Don't bore me with your "nuanced" examination of Kessler and his ilk…. I'm not exaggerating when I say it violates every canon of civilization. Angry? You bet I'm angry. I'm crying tears of rage right now. We don't tolerate people who torture small children and we shouldn't tolerate atrocities like this. I can't think of a penalty too severe.

There are several ways to read this.

None of them make any sense at all.

Colleagues of Clive's assure me that it is meant to be read as a parody of itself. They say that Clive wants to join Mickey Kaus in his perennial attacks on Ezra Klein: the reader is supposed to understand that Mickey is the good guy here, and that Klein is the bad guy with his statements that in today's political climate you have to choose between seeming to be fair (that is, saying both Democrats and Republicans lie equally) and being fair.

No, I cannot explain Mickey's and Clive's attempt to wage a vendetta against Ezra Klein. Envy that people like me learn stuff from and have immense respect for Ezra Klein? Fear that they are the past of a sick journalism and that Ezra Klein is the future of a health journalism? Your guess is as good as mine.